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Very Nice Ways to Say Very BAD Things:




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Very Nice Ways to Say Very BAD Things

Welcome to a world of truly polite ways to say the worst.

Euphemisms serve a greater purpose than merely keeping ladies at a garden party from glaring at us over the top of their spectacles. 

They say that the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.




 A few mincing words can also keep lawyers at bay.  This subtle art of the insult can exact revenge without fear of retribution.

Did you know that there is an obscene gesture that is both older and more universally recognized that digitus impudicus? Do you know what a digitus impudicus is?

Very Nice Ways to Say Very Bad things is also chocked full of obscure facts about common terms.  There are wonderfully fun illustrations and other displays of general merriment throughout. It will be impossible for readers to find a page that does not enlighten or delight.

He has no such brain as ear-wax.  Shakespeare

You Clod of puke-stocking, roastmeat for worms!  "Zounds, I have been bethumped by words." -Shakespeare

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