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Fandango, available on this official site and bookstores nationally.

In an exciting change of pace, Ms. Berdoll takes her sharp wit and great storytelling to nineteenth century San Francisco. Fandango is a tale of the impetuous and the prickly, the arrogant and sagacious.
Rich and bored to sobs, it is inevitable that Annabella Chase will leave a string of broken men in her wake. On the way to everlasting love, she takes several detours. The first occurs when her heart is captivated by the sun-tanned sinews and wind-swept locks of a handsome whaler. In her path soon falls Asher Price, indifferent to everyone and determined to stay that way. Even the headstrong Annabella learns that it is one thing to ask for trouble, quite another to offer it a chair.
There are few truths in 1849 San Francisco. One is that every soul in town came to escape from something or someone.


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